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Project Proposal: Bathroom Renovation


The average person goes to the bathroom around six times a day; considering we spend most of our time in school, a clean, and functioning bathroom is a necessity. With the large amount of students in the school keeping all the bathrooms clean would be unreasonable, but the most frequently used bathrooms should be kept clean and functioning at all times. Some of these bathrooms include the first floor NAC bathrooms and the first floor Marshack bathrooms. Continue reading “Project Proposal: Bathroom Renovation”


Interviewing an Electrical Engineer:Eric Janssen

As an electrical engineer, I get asked a lot “So you’re going to major in electrical engineering to change lightbulbs?” Eric Janssen is an electrical engineer working for the company AECOM right now for the past four years. It was unplanned for him to go into the electrical engineering field because he had a degree in computer engineering. Eric attended Hartford College and h bounced around majors in college, starting from majoring in mechanical engineering in his freshmen year then going into computer engineering. Eric didn’t originally plan on working as an electrical engineer but he started to work as one when his career took off.

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Probability in Rolling two Die


Dice, usually thrown in a pair have a total of thirty six outcomes from (1, 1), (1, 2)… all the way to (6, 6). There are many possible outcomes, but some of them appear more frequent than others. An example would be seven, many numbers add up to seven like a five and two, four and three, six and one, but numbers like two only have one possible outcome and that is a one and a one.  The probability of rolling the two die together was tested, and out of one hundred times rolled the percent that a two appeared was indeed lower as it came up only once of the one hundred throws. Whereas the number seven came up twenty-five times out of the hundred throws. These results prove that there are some numbers that have a higher percentage of showing up then others when rolling two dice.

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A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. The electricity that is carried through the power lines are at 400,000 to 750,000 volts, but the voltage that we use at home is typically at 110 to 230 volts. Using the power that came out of the power line would make all the appliances instantly explode. Using a transformer, it can lower the voltage so that it is usable in our homes.

How it works

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