Registering for this class Writing for Engineers, I had the impression that it was going to be another boring class that I was required to take. Coming into this class, I really didn’t want to be there as it was a morning class in which I was still half asleep, but I strived though it anyways.

When I was handed my first assignment the interview report,

it was something that was unique about this class. People from the other English classes didn’t have this assignment, which I thought was weird. After completing this assignment I felt that this assignment gave me an edge above other students because it allowed me to actually meet with a person that had also studied electrical engineering. It also provided me with some experience in going out into the world and giving me a better view of how my future career might be like.

The next assignment that I had to do was the cover letter and the resume. This was yet another assignment that students in the other class didn’t have to do. But I feel like it really helped me, in that I was actually forced to make a resume and a cover letter; whereas if I didn’t have to do this assignment, I would have put off making a resume and a cover letter until I missed the employment opportunity.

I was never really a fan of group work, and if I was given the chance to do the project alone I would. The group proposal assignment was one of the more boring assignments in my opinion. The people I worked with all knew each other really well so it was awkward working with them, but it gave me a chance to meet some of the other people in the class besides the people sitting near me. Working with my group was one of the better experiences I had when working with people. From my experience with working with people, they usually didn’t show up most of the time or refused to do any work that required them to write more than their name on the sheet of paper; so I ended up doing everything by myself, which I didn’t mind because that would mean that I would have to talk to anyone. But in the group I worked on with the project proposal, everyone did their part and I liked how the whole paper came together.

One of the more entertaining and enjoyable papers I had to write was the lab report. While most people rolled the dice a hundred times by hand to get some of the results I rolled the dice a thousand times with the help of my computer. Rolling the dice by hand was fun and all but I decided to make it more challenging and see how much more accurate my results would be if I rolled the dice more often. I got to brush up on my Java skills to create my dice rolling code and it was really fun to be coding again.

Of all the assignments that I did over the course, I think that the technical description was by far the hardest for me. I chose to write about transformers, and it contained all different kinds of information that I could not comprehend. Some of the information were formulas on how it transformers worked, which required previous knowledge of electricity. It took me a couple days to finally understand how the transformer worked and also to understand all the formulas that went into it.

From all the different types of English classes I had to take in high school, to the couple English classes, this course was the most helpful and one of the more interesting English classes. Usually English classes would require students to read a passage or a book then write a summary or analysis, which in my opinion I thought was completely useless. Coming into this class I thought would be the same thing, but I was sadly mistaken. The first two assignments were really helpful, as I met someone in the electrical field that was able to give me their insights in the field and also advice for the future classes I would need to take. Completing the resume and cover letter was also really helpful because I now have something to submit for potential summer internships. As the course comes to an end I felt like I had gained more knowledge than I expected from this course. Although I didn’t feel like my writing skills had improved, I learned that there is much more in learning that just books; there is a world outside that window, which contains unfathomable knowledge. I don’t regret taking this course and I am glad I signed up for this specific course with this specific teacher. I doubt I would have learned as much in this class, if I had signed up for a afternoon English course