The average person goes to the bathroom around six times a day; considering we spend most of our time in school, a clean, and functioning bathroom is a necessity. With the large amount of students in the school keeping all the bathrooms clean would be unreasonable, but the most frequently used bathrooms should be kept clean and functioning at all times. Some of these bathrooms include the first floor NAC bathrooms and the first floor Marshack bathrooms.

One of the main problems in the first floor NAC bathrooms is the ventilation and the sink areas. Out of all the bathrooms it is the most convenient in the NAC for students to go when coming into the NAC building. Because it is so frequently used, you have the occasional person that doesn’t flush the toilet, and the occasional person that misses the toilet bowl. This makes the bathroom odors stat to build up, which leads us to the first problem in the bathrooms, which is not enough ventilation inside the bathrooms.

Another problem inside the bathrooms is the facets. When students wash their hands the water only comes out when we press the handle and stops when we remove our hand. Although I understand the school’s view that people would just waste water and not turn off the water, it is very awkward to only wash one hand at a time and putting the clean hand on the dirty knob to wash the other hand. We suggest that automatic hand washing skins be put in place. That way there is no waste of water and students could wash both of their hands at the same time without touching the nasty sink handles. While we are already proposing the automatic hand washing stations, we could also put in automatic soap dispensers.

Both bathrooms in the NAC and Marshack need the automatic soap and hand washers there is a problem with the boys bathrooms in particular. Inside the bathroom there are no urinal divisors, this makes it awkward to use the bathrooms and provides no privacy. Most people resort to using the stalls, making the urinals in the bathroom useless. With the addition of the dividers the urinals would probably be used more frequently.

We surveyed people that went to the NAC and Marshack bathrooms and based on the results their experience with using the bathrooms in the school was below average. For a school with over eighteen thousand students there should be no reason for a subpar bathroom, because it is essential as classrooms themselves.



The City College of New York is the first CUNY school created and therefore the oldest. Despite exhaustive efforts to give student a better studying environment. However, there is still many minor improvements that the student of CCNY would greatly appreciate. One of those areas of improvements are the bathrooms. Such a minor aspect of a school often goes unaccounted for but no matter what every student at some point will have to go. There are a multitude of bathrooms available for use at CCNY whether you are in the North Academic Center, the Marshak Science Building or virtually anywhere else on campus, but students still are not satisfied with the quality of the bathrooms for good reason. When asked about certain aspects of the bathroom and how they feel about them, the results were less than satisfactory. Here is a survey used to question students about the quality of the main bathrooms in the NAC and Marshak buildings (All bathrooms from 1st to 4th floor.)


Bathroom Renovation Survey (Male and female)

1)   On a scale of 1-5, how would you describe bathroom sanitation? (1- very unsanitary to 5-very clean)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5

2)   How much would you prefer automatic sinks opposed to the current fixtures? (1- Very needed to 5- Not needed at all)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5

3)   How would you describe bathroom ventilation system for removing fumes? (1- Unsatisfactory to 5 Very Satisfied)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5

4)   How do you feel about the soap availability in the bathrooms throughout the day? (1- Never available to 5 – Always available)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5

5)   Are toilet seat covers readily available for use? (1- Never available to 5 Always available)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5

6)   (MALE ONLY ANSWER IF APPLICABLE) Do you feel dividers between urinals are necessary? (1- Extremely necessary to 5- Unnecessary)

1                   2                   3                   4                   5


Upon analyzing the results of this survey, it appeared a vast majority of the participants were not happy with the quality of the bathrooms here in CCNY.  to maintain a level of consistency when analyzing data we created the survey so that all the choices of (1) would be equivalent to unsatisfactory or needs major improvement, and similarly all choices of (5) would be equivalent to excellent condition or exceeds expectation. In fact based on a posting on CCNY campus page, “75% of students believed that the bathrooms were only cleaned once a day.

20% guessed that bathrooms were cleaned three to four times a day. 5% said bathrooms were cleaned twice a day.”


Rating of 1 Rating of 2 Rating of 3 Rating of 4 Rating of 5
Question 1 7 14 11 6 2
Question 2 13 12 13 1 1
Question 3 8 9 22 1 0
Question 4 6 11 21 2 0
Question 5 32 7 0 0 1
Question 6 40 0 0 0 0
TOTAL VOTES 106 53 67 10 4


Just looking at the table and graph we are able to determine that data is extremely skewed towards dissatisfaction, and after finding the percentages of the total votes 94% of the votes were for average or less than average satisfaction with the overall quality of the bathroom. Solving this problem does not require an insurmountable amount of changes or labor, but there are certain regulations that must be taken into account for something as simple as the bathroom.

The most simple and easily made changes are the amenities that are a necessity, soap, toilet seat covers, basic sanitation, and urinal dividers. To solve this problem staff should regularly check the availability of these amenities and replace at a regular interval or when needed. While maintaining availability of these products at all times may be difficult there should definitely be more inspection during rush hours from the hours of 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. As far as sanitation is concerned, cleanliness is of paramount importance in the bathrooms, overflowing garbage cans, waste on the floor, and wet floors from water and other substances should not be tolerated. Aside from unsanitary it also makes for a hazardous environment potentially causing many slip and fall incidents. Whilst cleaning the bathroom and maintaining sanitary at every moment of the day will be next to impossible there should be more janitorial staff cleaning bathrooms more frequently especially during rush hours where the main bathrooms have a constant flux of users. The next extremely important addition to the bathrooms must be urinal dividers in all male restrooms. Privacy is of the utmost importance when any individual uses the bathroom. A lack of urinal dividers may cause many problems including more and more people using stalls and waiting for stalls to be available which can even cause overcrowding in the bathrooms. Although this is not an issue present in every male restroom we must rectify this issue in the restrooms without this basic element.

After tackling the basic necessities there are a few extra amenities that should be implemented to create a more comfortable environment within the restrooms. Ventilation is a major problem within CCNY restrooms, even though bathrooms are designed to keep odors from escaping there should still be an outlet for those fumes to exit the building in an inconspicuous place where it will affect little to no people. When dealing with bathroom ventilation there are a few standards that one must fulfil. Air change per hour is the most important one, this standard dictates how much air leaves and enters a room with a certain amount of time. 5 air changes per hour is a simplified way of saying, 5000 m3 per hour. The most cost and energy efficient way to approach this problem of ventilation would be to add mechanical air fans into the ceiling of bathrooms. All that would need to be done is make a duct connecting all bathroom vent fans to a single exhaust leading outside. The final issue of faucets is one of the more costly improvements. However, this implementation would be a major upgrade. To use the current fixtures you have to consistently hold down the faucet and wash one hand at a time, an automatic faucet would speed up the process allowing you to wash your hands simultaneously and in the long run save money on water expenses as less water would be needed to wash your hands. As well as being time and cost efficient it is also better for the environment to use a significantly less amount of water over any time span.

Of course money and funding is a huge contributing factor when dealing with any type of renovation.


When looking into the budget, it was concluded that the entire school’s bathroom renovation would cost way too much money. As a result, it was within the best interest if only the bathrooms of first three floors of the North Academic Center (NAC), the Marshak Science Building, and the Grove School of Engineering Building were to be renovated. There were many industrial companies that presented an interesting amount of prices, some prices which were more valued over others. Originally when it came down to choosing the supplier for the bathroom appliances, Amazon was going to be the go to website. However, there were also other companies that could provide more prices that could be negotiable. The companies which also offered the same appliances that are needed for the bathroom renovation were Faucetdirect, Grainger, Kohler, All Partitions, Fast Partitions, Harbor Supply City, and Global Industrial. When looking into the prices for automatic faucets, the quantity that was needed varied as not all bathrooms in every building had the exact number of faucets. Therefore a range was set for the first three floors of each building, the NAC requires 30-50 faucets, while in Grove about 24 to 36 faucets (this does not include 1M or 2M), and finally for Marshak about 18 to 24 faucets. Now the automatic faucets weren’t the only appliances that were needed, in fact new toilets, paper dispensers, stalls and dividers were in high demand. Similar to the automatic faucets, the toilets, stalls, and dividers also varied in each building. The NAC building requires 30-72 toilet, 30-72 stalls, and 20-30 dividers. Yet, both the Marshak building and Grove building require 18-36 toilets, 18-36 stalls, and 12-18 dividers.


The data above and below are direct representations of how much each appliance were to cost for the first three floors of the NAC, Marshak and grove buildings, now it is worth noting that the prices aren’t the value for one of those said appliances, but in fact the total of a specific quantity. In fact the data above is the minimum value for the amount of appliances that are to be bought, while the data below is the maximum value. By minimum and maximum value just recall the set range that was placed on each appliance for each building. From what the chart above displays it were to seem that Faucetdirect has better prices, but in fact that is incorrect, this is because Amazon is the better buy when it comes to buying the Automatic appliances. This is because when researching prices and better deals, Amazon afford low prices on the appliances itself along with an expert setup, something that other companies did not offer. The expert setup is what made it seem as if Amazon was not the better deal, now when looking into the details that other companies offered regarding their appliances none of them offered expert setup. Now when it came down to four companies (All Partitions, Fast Partitions, Harbor City Supply, and Global Industrial) they were the only ones to offer stalls and dividers. When it came down to choosing which had the better prices for stalls, Harbor City Supply offered the best deal. Harbor CIty Supply provided more stalls (three stalls) in one set for a better price than All Partitions who had the same number of stalls in a set and Fat Partitions who only had one stall per set. Not only that, but if one is not satisfied with three stalls per set they can have four or five stalls per set and the price would still be below that of fast partitions. Now when adding the total of the best prices that were offered the value for the three flights of bathroom renovation in the NAC, Marshak, and Grove buildings ranged from $68,686.82-$110,088.16. As a result the three primary suppliers that would be needed when renovating the bathroom in the first three floors and obtaining a good prices are Amazon, Harbor City Supply, and Global Industrial. Amazon would provide the automatic faucets, toilets, and paper towel dispenser; Harbor City Supply would provide the stalls, and Global Industrial would provide the dividers.


The funding for the bathroom renovation would come from a variety of sources, the first few thoughts that came to mind were a bake sale, cultural festival, car wash, carnival, and an art auction. The bake sale seemed like a good, but then it would make sense to spend money on baking material only to get ⅓ of what was spent and nothing to start with.  The cultural festival seemed better as well as a car wash, this being is because both doesn’t require money to be spent without getting back its value and more. Essentially a cultural festival would include food, music and activities from different cultures within CCNY that would have their own prices, but all would end up going towards the bathroom renovation. As for the car wash, there would be openings for any volunteer who would like to support the cause for a better bathroom. The car wash would be professional in order to not provoke or offend anyone, the car wash would not consist of cleaning cars, but there would also be food and drinks provided towards customers for a few extra dollars. Another form of raising money would be to gather talented artists, or people who enjoy drawing or expressing themselves through art and to auction said art pieces. The artist would of course be volunteers as they would provide their art piece to be sold to anyone who is interested in it. Of course, the artists would get recognition if they desire it, but if they seek to stay away from the spotlight then it shall be anonymous. The ideas which were named are mainly focused towards spring and summer, where the weather is nice and people are more willing to go out to those sort of events. Aside from raising money to fund the bathroom renovation, actions will be taken to the Executive Director Elena Sturman to ask about any loan or aid that the school can provide towards our cause that would only improve the lives of students at CCNY, but also the the moody and overall the atmosphere at CCNY regarding the school itself.



The City College of New York was the first and oldest CUNY school to be built, meaning that most of its facilities are outdated and coming to ruin. Resulting in the need for an immediate change. We are not talking about rebuilding everything from scratch, however additions and replacing things that are simply found unconventional and uncomfortable. The bathrooms are a prime examples of such a facilities. There are many unsatisfied students around campus when asked about the bathrooms. The most common problems where the lack of urinal dividers, venting(smells) and overall unsanitary and unconventional use of the bathrooms. We thought of many ways we could accommodate these problems, and came up with replacing the sinks and urinals with automatic ones for more convenience and sanitary means. Also putting dividers between the urinals for more privacy. We also found that venting is important and is needed to keep the environment air clean and fresh. All of these things sound nice, however an important question still stands. “How much is it?”  To redo every bathroom is an insane price which is why we’ve only decided to to the main bathrooms of the first three floors of the marshak, nac and Grove buildings. Although there are many suppliers the one with the lowest price are on amazon, however, many industrial companies are open to negotiation. Overall the City College of New York is a very old campus and it is time to update the school little by little starting from the bathrooms where 99% of the students and faculty have used.    



Suraj’s Biography

Originally Born in Guyana and relocated to the US at 3 years old. I am a student at The City College of New york enrolled as a CpE. major. I have had one job working as a tire changer and mechanics apprentice from the years 2014-2016. Due to my education at CTEA technical high school, i am skilled in AutoCad Inventor, Electrical Circuits and RoboPro programming software, along with experience in coding languages such as C++ and html.


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Born in Queens New York to immigrant parents from Mexico. I’m an Electrical Engineering student at The City College of New York, currently pursuing my bachelors degree. I have worked for the board of election during the 2016 presidential campaign. As a result I have some experience working with a huge group of people, both coworkers and customers alike. I am skilled at being bilingual, meaning that I am able to speak the english and spanish language fluently.


Jagdesh’s Biography

   I was born in New York, Queens and lived there all my life, however my parents were born and raised in Guyana and came over early in their adult lives.  Currently i am enrolled in The City College of New York as an undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. I went to a high school called CTEA, a technical high school where i got certified in the basics of electrical, carpentry, and mechanical construction. Thanks to those classes i was able to find a job in construction where I currently work and have developed an  interest in Mechanical Engineering which I am currently pursuing.


Jeffrey’s Biography

Born in Brooklyn, New York, I’m an electrical engineering student at The City College of New York, currently pursuing my bachelors degree. Last year I had participated in the ACE Mentor program which was where my interest in engineering stemmed from. I got to work with engineers from AECOM in designing a building on top of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I am skilled in coding with Java and C++.



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